About Hotel Kobe Rokko Geihinkan

In the Seto Inland Sea National Park Rokko Area, as an approved accommodation by the National Parks low, the highly urbane hotel, "Hotel Kobe Rokko Geihinkan" was newly built for the first time in a century. Magnificent and spectacular views from Mt. Rokko, one of new 100 famous Japanese mountains, would be impressive memories of one of three major night-views of Japan and the great panorama of the surprising closeness of mountain, city center and ocean. Also the great hight difference makes the view of wide angle and sense of scale. With a heartful Omotenashi and hospitality, we would be happy to share the joy of living in peace with you.


This hotel is able to stay with pet dog.
Dogs are sometimes accompanied by shared spaces such as restaurants.
Please be sure to show your passport when you stay.